Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Blues - Blind Willie Johnson #readanebook

The winter storm came and went. The most amazing thing about it was the thundersleet on Saturday night. The dogs woke me up when the thunder rumbled and I watched out my bedroom window as pink lightning flashed in the deep grey sky. 

Before the storm hit, I came across my The Complete Blind Willie Johnson CD. I first discovered Blind Willie Johnson I was developing the Whiskey Joe character.Whiskey Joe is a blues man who plays slide guitar. So was Blind Willie Johnson. Whiskey Joe sings on the streets of New Orleans. Blind Willie Johnson sang on the streets of various Texas towns. 

Blind Willie sings gospel. Whiskey Joe sometimes sings of the other realm he knows -- the fairy realm. Although their subject matter differs, I often listen to Blind Willie Johnson when I'm writing about whiskey Joe. 

Blind Willie Johnson had a rough life. He was blinded when his stepmother threw lye in his face. However, despite that rough beginning, he became an artist who made music he believed in. You've got to respect that. I know I do.

If you want to know more about Blind Willie Johnson, you can visit his page at
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