Monday, March 31, 2014

Daffodils and Thorns

On Saturday, I discovered the first daffodil blooms. Today they are popping. These are some of my favorites. The white and yellow blossoms are like little faces, gazing into the sun. Of course, we had no sun today, but it didn't matter. We had daffodils.

We also had smiling dogs. There is nothing like a nice spring day to make them hyper. That's Hemingway down below. He showed up here a year ago. He was a tiny pup. Now he's a full-grown dog with lots of energy. He reminds me a lot of our Hooch, who was shot just before New Years Day of 2013. I miss my Hooch, but Hemingway makes me smile in a different way.  

Which brings me to the thorns. It struck me, as I was taking photos, that there is an intermingling of beauty and pain in all things. Neither can exist without the other because we cannot appreciate beauty unless we are cut by thorns. So today, I give you both.


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