Bones of the Woods

Our debut book, Bones in the Woods, is a collection of 8 stories that will make your skin crawl, even as you ponder the nature of the forces around us, both natural and supernatural.

The Bones of the Forest
A young girl finds a journal and discovers not only what happened in the past, but also truths about the present. Read an excerpt

The Hangman's Tree
Death hands over his noose. Read an excerpt

His Last Shot
A man at a diner watches people come and go, reflecting on the events that made him "Coldsnap". Read an excerpt

A meeting between a psychiatrist and a patient turns the tables on what is real and what isn't. Read an excerpt

In the Air Tonight
The game is war. Is the prize worth it? Read an excerpt

The Leaf Man
An artist is haunted by a face that stares back from the canvas even when she tries to paint him out. Read an excerpt

The Protectors
Two shapeshifters recall their lives together as they race to find a lost soul before it's too late. Read an excerpt

The Thaw
An amnesiac's past unravels. But will she remember in time? Finger Fear Read an excerpt

Bones of the Woods is available in paperback and Kindle editions.


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