Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rockcrok Cookery - Kernel Mustard's Chicken

Recently a friend of ours started selling Pampered Chef cookware. John is the cook in our family, but even I fell in love with this cookware. It makes cooking a meal easier and quicker -- essential for us these days.

So we decided to share some recipes. To make it fun, since we are writers after all, we're using the metaphor of Who-Done-It. This week's recipe is Kernel Mustard's Chicken.

Kernel Mustard's Chicken


2 large skinless chicken breasts
1 stick cup butter
About 6 new potatoes
Whole grain mustard
1 can of corn
1 tomato
Season salt
Lemon pepper

Serves 2-4
Time to prepare: 50 minutes


Microwave oven
Knife (what who-done-it is complete without one


Step 1 - Potatoes

  1. Cut the new potatoes in half. 
  2. Place the potatoes in the pan along with the butter.
  3. Sprinkle with season salt and lemon pepper to taste.

Step 2 - Chicken

  1. Microwave 10 minutes.
  2. Let rest 2 minutes.
  3. Lay the chicken breasts on top of the potatoes.
  4. Slather with mustard.
  5. Cook 20 minutes if the chicken breasts are frozen. Thawed chicken breasts will take less time.
  6. While it's cooking, slice the tomatoes.
  7. Rest 2 minutes.

Step 3 - Veggies

  1.  Add the tomatoes and corn.
  2. Cook 10 minutes.
  3. Serve.

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