Monday, March 24, 2014

Gaming after years of idle dice -- Call of Cthulhu revisited #roleplaying

Regan Worth
Last night John and I did something we hadn't done in years. We sat down with friends to play Call of Cthulhu. The game, like our Dime Store Novel series, was set in New Orleans. The time period was around 1926 -- or right after High Rollers. John was the storyteller, as he had been so many afternoons and evenings in the past. He was a bit nervous, since he hadn't flung the dice is so many years. So was I. But we were both excited to be in the game again.

I played Regan Worth -- a character who had first come to life at the gaming table about 10 years ago and who made her written debut in High Rollers.

Our friend Doug also played a character he had invented around 10 years ago, in a Call of Cthulhu campaign I ran -- the one in which John brought Swampy to life. Doug played the soup-slurping priest who made his written debut in From the Gator's Mouth. Steve, Brandon, and John N. played students -- peers of Regan. It was the first day of school. The day started with catechism. And a lockdown.

"What?!" cries  Regan. "I'm not sitting in a dumb school all day. I have things to do. People to see."

Steve tries the window and -- wouldn't you know it, it's locked. About that time, we hear a noise. Regan, due to the fact her father is a bootlegger, recognizes it as a gunshot. Sure enough, a few minutes later, a bleeding man staggers through the door and dies. Well...the priest claims he's dead. But then Brandon tries to move him. Sanity check. The man twitches.

Steve, decides to hook him up to an electrical outlet. The body fries. Regan is non too happy -- not only does the room stink to high heaven, but there is no ghost. WHAT?! No ghost?! Even when the priest gives last rights -- no ghost. Something is not right, but she can't confide in these people -- these people who would just think she's crazy. So she keeps still. 

Before long, she hears a shuffling noise. So does the priest. They look out the doorway and see a blank-faced guy shuffling along. Knowledge check. "The Walking Dead." Whatever. Even the walking dead should have have a ghost, right? Wrong. The priest repels him with the cross and then says the stupid 23rd Psalm. Bam...the walking dead drops. Holy water splash and still no ghost. Regan is not impressed and, in fact, is getting a little annoyed at the priest. How is she supposed to learn something if she can't even talk to the ghosts -- not that there are any....but still.

The party splits up. Steve and John N. head to the shop classroom to try to find makeshift weapons. Regan and the priest spot a ghost. Regan sees a lever that opens a secret door into a slave's staircase. Surprisingly, the priest steps into the stairway. Regan follows. So does Brandon. The priest keeps staring at the walls. Regan doesn't have a clue why, but she's glad enough because it slows his pace and she has short legs. Plus, she is wearing stiletto heels. Clip-clip, up the stairs. The priest stops and talks to someone in an office. He does not look happy. Regan hears a cthunk- chtunk coming up some other stairwell. She draws her gun.....

It was a fun night of gaming. It was different playing Regan's character around other people again, instead of just between me and the page. I think we'll do it again. 

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  1. We never heard of that one even though I have been known to roll some items now and again, Sounds like you had a grand time!

  2. We did have fun. If you like to role-play Call of Cthulhu is a fun game. The system is percentile-based...very simple. It's by Chaosium.