Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kangaroo Mom and Baby Joey - Guest Blog

Today I'm excited to welcome @PepiSmartDog's Mum Michele Brown as a guest blogger. Since she lives in Australia she has an opportunity to see and interact with kangaroos, which I find amazingly awesome. She has agreed to share her insights about how a baby kangaroo grows up, along with some wonderful pictures. 


It's always a delight to watch kangaroos grazing happily outside my living room window. Living in Queensland, Australia we have prolific wildlife, which at times keeps me busy as a first responder for animal rescue as well as being an RSPCA animal rescuer. As I write this, there are two teenage kangaroo boys, hanging out....(outside my living room window.)

Kangaroos hang out near my home
My American friends jokingly call me a Kangaroo Wrestler. Kangaroos are shy and sweet-natured. They live in strong family groups, known as mobs.When a kangaroo is born it's completely helpless and totally blind only the size of a small grub.

The little 'grub-like creature' crawls through its mother's fur and into her pouch and attaches itself to her teat to suckle. The baby is known as a Joey and it lives in its mom's pouch for around one year, then spends the following year staying very close to its mom at all times, giving the joey  two years with it mom.

During the first year inside the pouch, after a number of months, the joey starts spending a few minutes outside its mom's pouch. Seeing a baby joey having its first look at the world and testing its long legs and tail for the first time is very special indeed.

In the joey's first steps into the world, it hasn't yet worked out how to use its long legs to hop and its long tail to spring off, into the hop. Once joeys work it out, they spring up and down almost on the spot, in sheer exuberance. But after one or two minutes of jumping up and down like a spring, the joey will scramble straight back into the safety of mom's pouch.
Roos basking in the sun

At the end of the first year when the joey is ready to move out of its mom's pouch, it is a big kangaroo. It's actually astounding that it can even fit in a pouch or that the mom is able to hop with such a heavy and cumbersome load onboard.

At this point the young kangaroo is able to stay out of the pouch and become part of the 'teenage' group who like to practice boxing each other and other fun things, but the joey will still stay next to his mom for another year, until he completes two years with her. And he'll always be part of a mob.

@PepiSmartDog and Michele Brown

Thanks for sharing this story with us, Michele, and thank you for hosting the Thankful Thursday blog. I'm meeting a lot of fun pals and hope to meet many more. I learned a lot about roos and baby joeys and I love the pictures. Your description of the joey trying to figure out how to hop got me thinking about a children's book I had the opportunity to edit a few months ago: Baby Groundhog's First Day Out.  I'd love to read a book about a joey and I know just the person to write it *hint hint*.

Late breaking news! We have a new calf!
So I am thankful for her too. We named her Violet.

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  1. That was so interesting and I really had no idea she was involved in kangaroo rescue until I saw it mentioned this morning.

  2. I found it fascinating. She is such an interesting lady who has done so many awesome things for animals of all types. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. That's neat about the kangaroos. It must be fun to watch this, as we assume she has seen firsthand what she described.

    Baby animals are always so cute. So is Violet. :)

  4. Yes, I know Michele watches the roos first hand! I would get no work done at all. Thanks. We think Violet is cute too.

  5. PepiSmartDog: Violet is gorgeous! Love her name too. Incase people are wondering, yes I do see these things first hand and I've hand reared baby Joeys too; they have to be bottle fed every 4 hours AROUND THE CLOCK FOR ONE YEAR! LOL!
    Sorry I'm late with my comment this week. *blushes* Thanks for supporting Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop. Hope to see you again. *waves* :=o)