Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ride the Ghost Train with Regan #coffinhop

The journey began on the Dime Store Novel blog at the Black Cat, a little joint near the train station. Regan Worth and Hanover Fist are waiting there for you. Well, at least they should be waiting. Sometimes Regan runs a little late so we might as well take a few moments to talk about some business before you go. (If you're already on the train, you can pick up the story as they get on the train or after the champagne shows up.)

Black Cat
First, the free stuff. We are going back in time. Today and Halloween, we giving away the Kindle edition of our first short story collection, Bones of the Woods.

Next, the contest. We have a trick-or-treat bag full of goodies. Each day, we'll reveal one of the goodies. At the end of the coffin hop, there will be one goodie that will be a surprise. And it will stay a surprise because on the last day, we'll announce the winner.  How do you win? By entering as many times as you can. To enter, leave a comment with your email address on this blog and/or on the Dime Store Novel blog. You can enter each day of the tour, on both blogs.

And the first prize in the trick-or-treat bag is.....
a signed copy of Rips in the Weave. You can read where it all began...in the swamps.

Prize number 2 - A pair of six-sided dice. If you've read High Rollers, you'll know their significance. Just hope they don't roll snake-eyes too often.

Prize number 3 - a tube of lipstick. Yes, it's another plot item from our latest book, High Rollers. But warning-- if you put it on, we are not responsible for what happens.

Prize number 4 - an ebook coupon for Mind of a Mad Man. Some of the stories in it will make your blood curdle. Others are just plain ghostly.

Prize number 5 - a rock. But not just any rock -- a genuine piece of Missouri tiff, as featured in the "The Bones in the Forest", the first story in Bones in the Woods. Hey...at least we're not giving away a bone.

Prize number 6 - a handmade mojo bag to keep the evil spirits away. But remember, it only works if you keep the herbs in it fresh. After all these years, Hanover still hasn't learned that.


My story The Big Hill is in America's Next Author contest. I'd really appreciate if you'd read, review, and vote for it.

There are a lot of fabulous writers on the Coffin Hop...and lots of treats to be had. So make sure to visit as many stops as you can.

And most importantly, have a SCREAMING FUN (but safe) HALLOWEEN!

Now, head on over to the Black Cat. I'm sure Regan and Hanover are getting anxious to get going.



  1. I'm at the Black Cat having one of their signature drinks, Groovy Ghoul, with eye of newt. Neat. And mighty tasty. No sign of Regan...

    1. Enjoy! Are you sure Regan never showed up? She must have been distracted by something shiny.

  2. Joining the crew at the Black Cat. That Groovy Ghoul sounds delightful!

  3. I have a black cat, does that count?!?

    Happy #CoffinHop :)


  4. Great prizes -- happy hopping!

    milojamesfowler at gmail

  5. Happy Coffin Hopping!


    PS Until I clicked on the picture, I thought it said, "I eat a rock!" Which sounded worse for teeth than Halloween candy! :)

  6. Not really interested in entering a lot of contests, but thanks for the post.

    Jolie du Pre
    Precious Monsters

  7. Now I'm curious!
    A lipstick and dice...hmmmmm!
    Happy hopping and thanks!

    1. Congratulations! You are the winner, chosen by the magic of random.org. Please provide me with your contact information (I searched your blogs and could not find it).

      rachelle at dreamdragonpress dot com

  8. Love the prizes! Thank you as well for the free stories. Have a wonderful Halloween!