Sunday, September 9, 2012

Drama Days - and more to come

I've always been a drama geek. I acted in plays during high school and even went back after graduating to write and direct a melodrama. A few years ago John and I wrote and produced a mystery dinner theater production called The Soul Solicitor. I played the mourning widow -- and, of course, one of the suspects.
The Cast of The Soul Solicitor

The play was about zombies back before zombies were cool. Our zombies dressed like clowns. Everyone had fun, but the highlight was when my friend, Katie Miller, who played the neighborhood busy body, leaned over confidentially and told me that Kevin (one the zombies) had flipped off a preacher.  Come to find out, it was only an exercise in counting. Kevin's character was supposed to be missing a finger. When the preacher asked him how many years he'd worked for the company where the murder took place, Kevin held up his index finger and his middle finger. The preacher said "Didn't your index finger get bit off by the dog?" So, wanting to correct his lapse in character, Kevin lowered his index finger. Voila...the bird.

Anyway, the preacher found it all very funny. Everyone laughed. No hard feelings.

So I guess it's fitting that after writing a couple of short story collections, we decided to create a podcast. We started Shadow Realms. Click here to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long, so it's great for lunch hour relaxation. Right now, we have recorded versions of several of our short stories. We will soon also have excerpts from some Dime Store Novel books.

Speaking of audio and dramatization. We're thinking about creating dramatized audio books of the Dime Store Novel series. If we did, would you give them a listen? Let us know what you think.


  1. Kevin should have used a rubber band or something to "tie down" that "missing digit" ...good luck with the audio endeavors; waaay cool!

    1. LOL! But if we had done that, the funny birdie thing wouldn't have happened. Thanks, Gerry.

  2. You always were / are ahead of the trends! PLEASE consider audiobook editions of your novels! It would sure make my three-hour commute time much more pleasurable! Love your ideas! Good luck... again ahead of the rest of us! (You were/are a drama geek; I guess I'd have to claim drama queen...LOL!)

    1. We are working on the audio editions. The first excerpts will be my voice, but we plan to work with the local college to get some actors. There are some very talented people in the drama department :)